About Google Massacre...

Google Massacre launches July 29, 2008 at 10 AM. Be there! A rare high quality product that will help you take your Adwords game to a totally new level. There are lots of products out there that purport to offer you the road to quick riches. Google Massacre is a product that will equip you with the enhanced skills you need to beat everyone at the Adwords game and compete in 2008 and beyond.

$800 Per Day

It’s coming, but its not quite here yet. For now, sneak a peek at what promises to make you a ruthless competition scalper.

These guys know exactly what they’re doing. Their results prove it. $800 a day with ClickBank without even thinking about it. With little more effort they’re pulling in six figures a month.

Why it is perfect timing for Google Massacre, and a review of how Google Massacre can accelerate your profits

This time of year is perfect for Google Massacre. Why? Before you know it, it will be the holiday shopping season again. And this year in particular should see more consumers heading online looking for discounts and ways to save money given the state of the economy and most importantly gas prices (which trickle down and impact the cost of almost everything in our lives).

So therefore right now is THE time to get Google Massacre, read it and watch the videos, and start putting into practice what you learn immediately. This will give you the ability to practice your new found skills, refine your techniques, and refine your campaigns and start optimizing everything so that as the buying season picks up you are well positioned to truly take advantage of Google Adwords and maximize your profits.

My advice to you is to take action and get started as soon as possible. The price of Google Massacre will go up after launch (they always do, right?)...

Google Massacre Is Coming Tomorrow at 10am!

Google Massacre will be here tomorrow morning at 10am :-) The buzz has been building like crazy. Hopefully by now you have downloaded your free report and read a bit more about what all the hype is about.

Google Massacre really is going to have a big impact on the way folks go about doing their Adwords PPC business. Pick it up tomorrow and you can get started immediately.

Free Report, Review Google Massacre For Yourself!

I have a free report available that will allow you to review Google Massacre's benefits for yourself and get to know a litle more about what tips and information is included in the Google Massacre product.

I fully expect every Google Massacre review to be 100% positive. Download the free report (520kb PDF) and see for yourself what all the hype is about!

Google Massacre will teach you how to get true PROFIT

Google Massacre is the field guide to winning the battles against your competition, and thus win the war and skyrocket your PROFIT.

There are lots of so-called gurus out there who will quote you crazy income numbers, making claims of daily incomes of tens of thousands of dollars. What these gurus don't tell you is that the figures they are quoting you are GROSS income numbers.

Its About The PROFIT Dummy!

GROSS income figures don't tell you anything. What good is a $50,000 gross income if it cost you $49,500 in ad spend? A 1% ROI? This is where Google Massacre comes in. By teaching you and showing you techniques to increase your profit margins beyond your competition, giving you the NET income and PROFIT to gain leverage. From there it snowballs and you will be on your way to a lifestyle you've only dreamed about but have never been able to quite achieve.

The Latest From Andrew X And Steven Lee, Experienced at Making Money Online with Google

Google Massacre is the latest product from Andrew X and Steven Lee. Successful internet entrepreneurs, they are the original authors of Google Magic Formula, their original guide to making crazy money with Google and Adwords:

Now they've created a new book and videos, updated with new information, ideas, and techniques. The affiliate landscape is constantly changing and Google frequently updates the Adwords rules. The key to consistently making big profits is to stay ahead of the curve. Google Massacre will save you time by cutting to the chase and handing you the killer tactics you need to succeed and wage tactical Adwords warfare on your competitors.

We Are Your Source

This blog is your source for information about the upcoming launch of Google Massacre, a high quality new product that will help you take your Adwords marketing to new heights. If you are struggling to make money online, or you are making a little money online but your ad spend is high and you want a bigger return on your Adwords spending, this resource is a must have. Don't waste your time or money on junk. Get something that is really going to help you to succeed and become a true super affiliate.

What is Google Massacre?

Google Massacre is a new information product that will be released on Tuesday, July 29, 2008. It is the latest penultimate guide to dominating markets with SEO and PPC and creative competitive analysis.

If you've been struggling to make money online with pay-per-click and Google Adwords, or if you have been having trouble getting your campaigns to perform and earn a good ROI (or _any_ ROI ;-)), this product will help you out.

Most e-books and information products these days are absolute junk written by idiots. Google Massacre is an exciting new product because it has been created by guys with a positive track record of actually producing something worthwhile.