About Google Massacre...

Google Massacre launches July 29, 2008 at 10 AM. Be there! A rare high quality product that will help you take your Adwords game to a totally new level. There are lots of products out there that purport to offer you the road to quick riches. Google Massacre is a product that will equip you with the enhanced skills you need to beat everyone at the Adwords game and compete in 2008 and beyond.

$800 Per Day

It’s coming, but its not quite here yet. For now, sneak a peek at what promises to make you a ruthless competition scalper.

These guys know exactly what they’re doing. Their results prove it. $800 a day with ClickBank without even thinking about it. With little more effort they’re pulling in six figures a month.

Google Massacre will teach you how to get true PROFIT

Google Massacre is the field guide to winning the battles against your competition, and thus win the war and skyrocket your PROFIT.

There are lots of so-called gurus out there who will quote you crazy income numbers, making claims of daily incomes of tens of thousands of dollars. What these gurus don't tell you is that the figures they are quoting you are GROSS income numbers.

Its About The PROFIT Dummy!

GROSS income figures don't tell you anything. What good is a $50,000 gross income if it cost you $49,500 in ad spend? A 1% ROI? This is where Google Massacre comes in. By teaching you and showing you techniques to increase your profit margins beyond your competition, giving you the NET income and PROFIT to gain leverage. From there it snowballs and you will be on your way to a lifestyle you've only dreamed about but have never been able to quite achieve.


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